Annie Idibia’s brother puts her on blast, says she introduced him to drvgs (Video)


Seems a new drama is about to unfold in the entertainment industry as popular actress and model, Annie Idibia is called out by her elder brother, Wisdom.

Annie Idibia’s brother puts her on blast, says she introduced him to drvgs (Video)

Annie Idibia has been in the news for the past few days over her newly released reality show.

The beautiful screen diva got fans talking over some hidden secrets she revealed about her life, especially her relationship with talented singer and songwriter, 2Face Idibia.

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Though fans have gotten over the reality show, Annie Idibia is back in the news as her elder brother calls her out.

In a new video that has surfaced on social media, Annie Idibia’s elder brother, Wisdom, called out the beautiful screen diva.

According to him, Annie Idibia has been maltreating him for the past few years.

He noted that despite working for his sister, she has refused to pay him well, instead he receives the sum of twenty thousand naira every month.

The man also insisted that he’s been threatened by his sister.

See video of Annie Idibia brother speaking below:

Though Annie Idibia has not reacted to the allegations, fans on social media have swiftly reacted.

According to some fans, Annie Idibia’s elder brother does not have the right to call her out.
They insisted that he should work hard rather than calling out his sister.

Others insisted that Annie Idibia’s reactions will give more clarity on the incident.

Ja_mapelle wrote: Don’t go n work be waiting for your sister mtcheeeeew

Toophabaj wrote: We can’t trust friends and now we can’t trust our own family? 🤦🏽‍♀️

Payless_with_didee wrote: Go and work outside, mustn’t be for your sister

Karinabeecky wrote: Go and hustle man and leave your sister alone 😒😒 this life na pa head o

Imacuelate_abiola wrote: This entitlement mentality from family members tho 🤦‍♀️

Aryke wrote: Leave this lady please,can you let her rest?? Always coming here to shame her why now??



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