“Be relevant without ship”: Fans urges Bella, she reacts controversially


BBNaija season seven star, Bella has fired back at a fan who urged her to stay relevant in the entertainment industry without being tagged with another star.

Bella has been in the news ever since she left the BBNaija reality show.

Though she has bagged various endorsement deals, her relationship with Sheggz has been the major highlights of her time after the show.

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However, a fan who seems not too pleased with her activities after the urged her to stay relevant on her own rather than being tagged with another person.

Not pleased with the comment, Bella fired back at the fan. Replying the fan, Bella urged her to be useful, noting that her DP shows she’s a runs girl.

Read the conversation between both parties below:

Bella’s comment has sparked reactions from fans as some insisted she took things too far.

Preety_lizzy wrote: What has hookup got to do with the comment ???? Very weak clap back … arindi

Judithadwsuwa wrote: May we not have a favorite that would tell us our occupation by just looking at our dp😂😂😂😂😂😂…..#icomeinpeace✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

Hameddayi wrote: Weak clap back from someone who doesn’t understand!!! What job does she herslf hv other than ship wey she carry for head

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Danielladaniells wrote: I understand that people should mind their business but I also can’t fathom why she had to tag her as a hookup girl. Very unnecessary though 🤷🏼‍♀️

Real__chinnebbay wrote: That was a person response, anyone who trolls or have a problem seeing people in relationship means he or she does hookup not interested in staying one place.. Bella and sheggz were in a relationship in the house but never cross boundaries, that’s self control.. I’m not their fan but I won’t see a honest trust and paint it ..no.

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Thaxutepixel wrote: Anything that concerns shading shegz bella no like am she go take an up even tho d person was even trying to say she’s being supporting her from 01 she still decide to reply with an insult lol bella o make this boy sha marry bella🥰.


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