Big Brother Titans: How To Audition, Date And Facts


Fame and fortune await all eligible contestants as Big Brother is bringing a new dimension to reality TV with the introduction of Big Brother Titans.

The Big Brother Titans will involve Nigerians and South Africans.

Big Brother Titans

This Edition named Big Brother Titans will be open to contestants from Nigeria and South Africa an they’ll all be competing in one competition in one house.

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The show which promises to lock the African continent down for its entire duration will be aired around the continent

The reality show which has the Msanzi franchise and Naija franchise thriving beyond expectations is making the move to feature contestants and organizations from both nations in one show.

The drama will be exhilarating, the prizes will be mouth-watering, the fanbase will break boundaries and cultures and the fellowship will be mind-blowing.

The online audition is open now and all you require to be a contestant in the show is mentioned in the video, everyone confident of their ability and charm and from both countries are invited to the auditions which will take place soon.

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