Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career (2023)


What is Buju Net Worth, biography is currently one of the most asked questions on social media and all these details will be revealed in this article.

Nigeria’s entertainment industry is regarded as the biggest in Africa and it’s not surprising due to the high numbers of talented superstars.

Buju has been able to pave a way for himself in the industry by dishing out hit tracks as well as collaborating with other top stars.

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Without any further delay, let’s take a look at everything that concerns Buju, his net worth, biography, education, scandal, music career and so on.

Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career and Lifestyle (2023)

Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career
Buju Net Worth and Biography

Buju Biography

Who is Buju?

Born Daniel Benson, Buju or BujuToYourEars is a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer who has continued to warm hearts with his music.

Early Childhood

Buju or BujuToYourEars was born to a middle-class family in Lagos State though he hails from Akwa Ibom state.

He spent his childhood in Gbagada, Lagos State alongside his family and during his young age, his love for music grew.

Buju later moved to Mowe, Ogun State and he ensured that he stays updated about the entertainment industry, especially the music world.


Having been born and brought up in Lagos, Buju attended primary and secondary school education in Lagos State before moving down to Mowe in Ogun State.

He attended his university education in Nigeria.

Buju Family

Not much has been heard about his family, however, Buju lost his beloved mother at an early age to cancer.

Buju’s mother battled with the disease for years before she gave up the ghost.

One thing Buju will never forget about his mother was how he learnt how to speak Yoruba.

The talented singer in an interview revealed that his late mum taught him how to speak the language although he’s not Yoruba.

Buju State of Origin

The multi-talented singer hails from Akwa Ibom. However, he was born in Lagos State.

How old is Buju?

Buju was born on 19 May 1997 and at the time of writing this article in 2023, the talented singer was 26 years old.

Music Career

Being a superstar in the music industry takes a lot of hard work, dedication and consistency, all this and more are the prices Buju paid to be on top of his game.

Buju started writing music in junior secondary school in 2011 and was known as Drizzle in those days.

Due to his talent, Buju’s classmates and friends loves hearing him sing and rap and he eventually joined the choir, a move that saw him perform during social activities.

After his adventure in secondary school, Buju continued singing and rapping in university but decided to quit due to the number of talents in his school.

He stopped rapping and took a break from music.

However, he started listening to songs by artists like Burna Boy, Buju Banton, Damian Marley etc.

In 2017, he gave music another shot and this was while he was still at the University. Buju couldn’t do without music and this affected his work as an IT student.

He started a habit of writing lyrics, freestyling and listening to music to cope with work pressure.

During his spare time, Buju cultivated the habit of going to shrine where he sings, write songs and form his sound which he later developed.

As earlier stated that his work was affected by his love for music and things backfired when he was sacked.

According to him, he was listening to Buju Banton when the letter came in.

This inspired his former stage name “Buju” and also because of its meaning which he can relate to.

What is the meaning of Buju

Buju is a name for Jamaican bread and also a name mothers call their chubby kids. Due to his chubby stature, BujuToYourEars decided to go by the stage name.

Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career
Buju Net Worth and Biography

Buju New Name

In February 2022, Buju officially changed his stage name to BNXN pronounced as Benson.

According to him, the name change became necessary after he was mistaken for a Jamaican musician Buju Banton.

Buju first song

In February 2018, Buju released his first song “Catch a Vibe” and some months later he dropped his second song “A Day in Lagos “ which gave him some level of recognition on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Buju hit song

The talented singer might have dropped various songs ever since he came on board but his breakthrough song came in June 2019.

Buju dropped ‘Spiritual’ in 2019 and this got the attention of top stars like Zlatan Ibile.

The song was recorded with a 2018 beat made by his producer Steph and his friends convinced him that Zlatan Ibile will fit into the song as a feature.

Buju tried his luck and posted a video that saw him add Zlatan’s adlibs to the song and posted it on Twitter.

Fans called the attention of Zlatan Ibile to the song and he decided to help Buju who had no money to feature the Zanku crooner.

That opened various doors for Buju who went on to meet the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid.

Buju Songs

Buju has released a couple of songs since the beginning of his music career. Some of them are;

A Day in Lagos (2018)
Catch a Vibe (2018)
Aje (2018)
Balance It (2018)
L’Enu (2019)
“Spiritual” featuring Zlatan Ibile (2019)
Commander (2019)
L’Enu featuring Burna Boy (2020)
“Feeling” Buju and Ladipo (2021)
Outside (2021)

Buju Album and Ep

The singer has no album to his name but he released his first EP titled Sorry I’m Late in 2021.

Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career (2023)

Buju Record Label

He might be ranked among the best in the music world but Buju started his career as an independent artists.

However, after he released “L’Enu” remix with his idol Burna Boy, Buju was singed to later Spaceship Collective, a record label that also signed Burna Boy and his sister Nissi Ogulu.

Buju reportedly exited Spaceship Collective after his contract with the label expired in April. Meanwhile, he refused to renew the contract.

Buju New Record Label

Though he has not made an official announcement, the release of Buju’s new EP title “Sorry I’m Late” indicates that he is an independent artist.

The EP was released under “To Your Ears Entertainment” in October 2021.

Apparently, “To Your Ears Entertainment” is Buju’s new Record Label which he reportedly owns.

Burna Boy and Buju have not spoken about his exit from Spaceship Collective

Awards And Nomination

Though Buju has not won an award in the music industry, the talented singer was nominated for the next rated at the 2022 Headies Award.

He was nominated alongside Arya Starr, Ruger and Zinoleesky.

Buju Cars and Houses

The talented singer has gotten himself a good ride but he’s yet to announce or given a hint about his house.

Social Media

Just like top personalities in the entertainment industry, Buju has made good use of social media and he has built a reputable fan base.

You can follow singer BujuToYourEars on Instagram @Bujutoyourears. While on Twitter @Bujutoyourears

Buju Net Worth

Being a new artist, Buju’s Net Worth is yet to be published and released. However, he is estimated to be worth about $300,000 – $500,000.

He is also one of the fast-rising artist who charges more than $10,000 for a feature. Buju life has indeed change since fame!

Buju Net Worth, Biography, Music Career and Lifestyle – Summary

This article has been based on Buju Net Worth, Biography, music career and all details fans should know.

Buju net worth is currently estimated at $300,000 – $500,000 and there are clear indications that this might increase



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