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Home Biography Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

In this article, we will discuss Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022 as Roman Abramovich continued to serve his sanction by UK government.

Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia some weeks ago.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia have seen those close to Vladimir Putin facing some consequences home and abroad.

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Though Abramovich announced his plans of selling Chelsea, a deal was not completed before a sanction was placed on the Russian billionaire.

As Chelsea continue to be affected by the sanctions, we’ve highlighted Chelsea potential buyers and their current net worth.

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

1.  Hansjorg Wyss
Net Worth: ( $2 Billion)

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

When the news of Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell Chelsea first surfaced on social media, the first person to be linked with the club was Hansjorg Wyss.

Speaking with Swiss newspaper Blick, the billionaire businessman stated that he had been approached to buy the club.

86 years old Wyss is the founder of Synthes, a manufacturer of bone fracture implants and surgical power tools which he sold to pharma behemoth Johnson & Johnson in 2012.

According to Forbes, he is worth more than $2bn (around £1.5m) in assets.

Hansjorg Wyss does not have an experience when it comes to managing a sports club and it’s likely Chelsea might be his first business.

2. Woody Johnson
Net Worth: ($4.2 billion)

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

Who is Chelsea’s owner remains the questions football lovers have been asking themselves and that person might be Woody Johnson.

According to ESPN, the New York Jets owner is ready to become the new owner of Chelsea.

Woody Johnson is the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune and he spent time in London as the US ambassador under former President Donald Trump.

He is a huge fan of Chelsea football club and this is one of the reasons he wants to become the new owner.

3. The Ricketts family
Net Worth ($4 Billon)

One of the candidates willing to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich is the Rickets family, who have been the owners of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs franchise since 2009.

According to Sky News, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is considering an offer for Chelsea, but would require financial partners in order to do so.

Ken Griffin, who runs hedge fund firm Citadel, could support the Ricketts family bid.

4. Nick Candy
Net Worth: (£800 million)

Popular businessman and philanthropist, Nick Candy is another huge candidate who wants to get his hand at Chelsea Football Club.

“Nick Candy is actively exploring a number of options for a potential bid for Chelsea,” his spokesperson said in a statement.

“Any bid would be made in conjunction with another party, or consortium, and we have serious interest from several international partners.

“Mr Candy has a huge affinity with Chelsea. His father was asked to play for the club and he has been watching matches at Stamford Bridge since the age of four.”

Only time will tell if he will get his wish to replace Roman Abramovich as the owner of Chelsea.

5. Muhsin Bayrak
Net Worth (£8 billion)

Turkish billionaire, Bayrak is the chairman of construction company AB Grup, and there are claims that he wants to become the new owner of  Chelsea.

He reportedly headed to London for talks on 10 March along with his lawyer and he was not shy in stating his opinion to the media.

The Turkish billionaire told the media: “We are discussing the terms of Chelsea’s purchase with Roman Abramovich’s lawyers. We’re negotiating signatures. We will soon fly the Turkish flag in London.”

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6. Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Net Worth: ($14.2 Billion)

The richest man in Britain, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is another top candidate for the new ownership of Chelsea football club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has developed an extensive sporting portfolio in recent years by rebranding the cycling squad Team Sky as Team Ineos and purchasing Ligue 1 football club Nice.

A season ticket holder at Chelsea, Ratcliffe’s billions originate in Ineos, a petrochemicals giant he founded in 1998.

7. Javed Afridi
Net Worth ($92 million)

Chelsea might have Pakistani businessman Javed Afridi as their new owner as he’s been linked with the club.

Javed Afridi is a big name in the country’s domestic cricket scene as the owner of Peshawar Zalmi.

Currently 36-year-old, Afridi has amassed considerable wealth as the owner of electronics company Haier Pakistan and MG Motors Pakistan.

There are reports that Afridi would be the sole buyer but he could form part of a consortium of investors.

8. Loutfy Mansour
Net Worth: ($14 billion)

Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

Loutfy Mansour, 39, is the Egyptian chief executive of Man Capital, the investment arm of his family’s conglomerate which has revenues in the region of $6bn (£4.4bn).

A season ticket holder at Stamford Bridge, Mansour’s business interests – which also include McDonalds’ Egyptian franchise – appear to provide the funds required for a takeover.

It remains to be seen whether that will come to fruition, however.

9. Al-Waleed bin Talal
Net Worth: ($39.8 Billion)

Grandson of Saudi Arabia’s first king, Al Waleed bin Talal is the billionaire founder of conglomerate Kingdom Holding Company.

In 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth at just shy of $40bn, spanning investments in banking giant Citigroup and 21st Century Fox – but he has never been involved in the sport before.

There are reports linking him to become the new owner of Chelsea football club.

The blues fans might be willing to have him on board due to his riches as they tend to continue their dominance on the pitch.

10. Conor McGregor
Net Worth: (£171 Million)

UFC legend Conor McGregor might be last person Chelsea fans would expect to have an interest in the club.

However, McGregor threw his hat into the ring some days ago tweeting a screenshot of a WhatsApp message to an unknown recipient saying “let’s buy it”.

McGregor is a Manchester United supporter and expressed an interest in purchasing the club last year. Let’s see if he will get Chelsea instead.

11. Chelsea Foundation
Net Worth: (Not Disclosed)

Don’t be surprised to see Chelsea foundation on the number one list, Roman Abramovich had earlier transferred “stewardship and care” of the club to the trustees of its charitable foundation.

Though that move was not successful, the foundation might become the new owner.

Chelsea’s current chairman Bruce Buck is also the chair of the Foundation’s board, while other trustees include Chelsea Women manager Emma Hayes and Chelsea’s director of finance, Paul Ramos.

12. Aethel Partners
Net Worth: ($15 Billion)

Joining the list of Chelsea potential buyers is London investment firm Aethel Partners who reportedly made a £2billion offer to buy the London Club on Thursday.

The reports came in just days after Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by European Union.

It’s said that the bidders will offer ‘full backing’ to Thomas Tuchel and already have plans to redevelop Stamford Bridge on its current site.

Aethel Partners is a global private equity, alternative asset management and financial services firm.

The company’s headquarters are located in London and was founded in 2014 by Ricardo Santos Silva and Aba Schubert.

The firm’s actual net value in 2022 has yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, Aethel had a total wealth of £192,546.00 in 2021.

Conclusion: Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022

Who are Chelsea potential buyers and their net worth in 2022 has been revealed in this article and only time will tell who will replace Roman Abramovich as the club owner.



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