Download Mp3: Kanye West – Get Lost (Lyrics)

Download Mp3: Kanye West – Get Lost (Lyrics)
Kanye West – Get Lost

Kanye West – Get Lost Mp3 Download (Lyrics)

“Get Lost” is a hip-hop song by Kanye West an American hip-hop turned gospel singer and songwriter.

Kanye West – Get Lost is a popular American preacher, gospel singer, a songwriter, recording artist and stage performer.

“Kanye West – Get Lost” is accessible for streaming and downloading by means of all major computerized outlets around the world.

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Kanye West – Get Lost Lyrics

I still get lost in night
Lost in my dreaming time
Memories back from fine
Back to get all my time
I still get lost, what’s mine?
Memories back from time
All my thoughts on at night
All my life’s on the line
I still get lost in night
Memories back from mine
‘Member we had one night?
‘Member we had the night?
I still get lost sometimes
Memories haunting mind
‘Member we had the mind?
‘Member we had the mind?
I’m gon’ get lost sometimes
‘Member we cry sometimes
I went through fine, oh, fine
When you was mine, oh, mine
Somehow we got to meet
Now I keep to darker streets
f**ked up without the love
Parker without the cleats
f**ked up and on repeat
Above the night I beat
I done went back to sleep
With a new sight to see, what do you write for me?
What will fit right for me?
I did what’s right for me
I fought from fighting me
Well, I would like to see
I still get lost sometimes
Far from my state of mind
Stay on the vibes alright
When do I cross your mind?
When do you see my pride?
I’ve got a Pablo shine
Pride is the number line
Okay, well, never mind
Okay, then, never mind
Do I still cross your mind?
If not, then, never mind
If not, then, never mind


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