How Maria became the most endorsed BBNaija ‘Shine Your Eye’ housemates


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Maria Chike Benjamin featured at the sixth edition of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) ‘Shine Your Eye’ reality show in 2021 but her adventure was short-lived.

How Maria became the most endorsed BBNaija 'Shine Your Eye' housemates
Maria Chike Benjamin

Despite gaining the hearts of fans outside the show, Maria was evicted from the show in the fifth week, a move that will forever be a mystery.

However, Maria against all odds have become the most endorsed BBNaija ‘Shine Your Eye’ housemate, how has she been able to pull this off?.

Life after the Big Brother Naija reality show is often tagged as the biggest challenge for housemates who are all eager to make a name for themselves in a competitive industry.

A competitive industry I say due to the high numbers of talented personalities who have also joined the brand influencers group.

Actresses, actors, directors and musicians have all become the face of various brands in the country.

After the Big Brother Naija season six reality show, all eyes were on the final six, Angel, Pere, Cross, Liquorose, Emmanuel and Whitemoney.

Fan have forgotten about a certain Maria whose smile and beauty caught their attention during her time at the show.

However, they were given a quick reminder when Maria announced her first endorsement deal with a skincare brand in October.

Fast track to January 2022, Maria now boost of seven endorsement deals, a figure that made the most endorsed BBNaija ‘Shine Your Eye’ housemates.

How Maria has been able to come back stronger after failing to finish the race at the reality is based on some move she made after the show.

Before we check out those moves, check here to see where Maria ranks in the list of Richest BBNaija Season Six Housemates in 2022

Back to our discussion, wondering the moves Maria took to attain her new status? Check it out below.

Good Management

Being a superstar in the entertainment industry takes just more than having a talent it entails having a good management that offers you the best advise.

After Maria’s adventure at the BBNaija reality show, rumours were spreading round social media about her management.

Though she has not come clean about her manager as her biography on social media does not signify that she has one, Maria has been able to stay strong due to her team.

Her team have been able to pull off good deals despite being at a disadvantage due to the number of days she spent at the reality show.


Controversy has become a lifestyle of top personalities in the entertainment industry.

Hardly would a celebrity not get involved in one or two controversies during their time in the industry.

Maria’s controversies started at the show when she was involved in what looks like a romantic friendship with Pere.

These controversies saw her bag an advertisement deal with DStv alongside Pere.

However, no one would have predicted that she would be dragged into another after the show.

Called out by socialite Cubana Chief Priest on allegations that she snatched his sister husband.

Though she was the most talked-about personality on social media at that time, Maria kept her cool and used the controversy to strive in the entertainment industry.

Brands were eager to sign her and it got her some mouthwatering deals.

Good Friendship with other housemates

Having a good friend with other housemates after the reality show also played a role in Maria’s rise to become the most endorsed BBNaija ‘Shine Your Eye’ housemates.

Maria have never been spotted online shading her colleagues though she’s been receiving these treatments from some fan base of her rivals.

Her ability to keep everyone close to her have played a huge role in brands decision to add her to their family.

2022 promises to be another exciting year for Maria and her fan base. There are good indications that she will sign new endorsement deals and start some new projects.


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