How To Become A Football Coach In 2022 (Complete Guide)


Are you thinking about becoming a football coach this year and don’t know how to go about it, worry less, in this article, we will be talking about how you will become a football coach.

How To Become A Football Coach In 2022

Football has become the most-watched sport across the globe and it’s not surprising that many people are trying to get involved either as a player or a coach.

Professional footballers earn a huge sum of money every week and coaches are not left out of the deal.

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Coaches are now popular for signing a mouthwatering deals with their respective clubs or international team.

Let’s check out the steps you need to take if you want to start a career as a football coach.

How To Become A Football Coach In 2022

Step 1: Be Passionate About The Game Of Football

Football is not just a sport, it’s a game that deals with the emotions of all parties involved.

Fans, coaches, players and management of all clubs are not ready to settle for less.

In a bid to be the best among the rest, coaches must Be passionate about the sport.

Becoming a football coach in this era is more than just having the technical abilities, it also involved having great knowledge of how the sport works.

It’s not just advisable to have passion for the game, it is compulsory. This will play a positive role in the coach’s career.

Step 2: Earn a degree

In all careers, earning a degree in that field is important and compulsory.

Thinking about how to become a football coach without having a degree is like planning to drive a car without training.

Football is beyond playing on the pitch, there are many aspects attached to the game.

Various aspects such as man management will not be taught on the pitch but in classes.

There are various training schools you can attend on the internet or physically to achieve this, take that bold step and the future is bright.

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Step 3: Obtain Certifications

Bagging a certification in the field is an important aspect that must not be overlooked.

Each football association has different rules and terms for issuing certifications.

You will have to study more about these terms and strive to satisfy all the requirements before applying.

Many football associations have different levels of certification which normally depend on the time you’ve spent as a coach.

Get your certification and be sure of an added advantage during interviews.

How To Become A Football Coach In 2022

Step 4: Gain Experience

Though you’ve earned a degree, bagged certification and are passionate about the game of football, you still need something to spice up your game.

This is where working experience comes in. Working experience is important in all careers and this includes football.

If you want to become a football coach, it’s important you gain experience by working alongside the best in the sport.

Working as an assistant manager or with a young squad will prepare you for the future.

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Step 5: Volunteer

Another step you must take to achieve your dream of becoming a coach is by working as a volunteer.

Volunteer to work as a coach for football events in your community. This will bring the best out of the team and you’ll get the accolades needed.

Though you might not get paid, however, it’s an added advantage to have such experience.

Step 6: Network With Other Coaches

Attending seminars, workshops, conferences and the likes will help shape your career as a football coach.

During these events, network with those on your career path, ask questions that will improve your abilities, and join conversations that will ensure you add value to yourself as a person and football coach.

Though some conferences, workshops and the likes are not free, there’s nothing bad in paying to add value to yourself.

Summary: How To Become A Football Coach In 2022

In this article, we’ve highlighted the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams of becoming a football coach. Though it’s not an easy ride but with hard work and consistency, the future is bright.



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