How to earn money in 2022 without indulging in fraud


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    How to earn money in 2022 have got many people bothered across the globe and there are not to be blamed, everyone wants to survive in a world full of difficulties.

    How to earn money in 2022 without indulging in fraud

    2021 came with its difficulties as there was an economic breakdown across the globe but that did not stop reports of fraudulent activities from being reported.

    Forex and cryptocurrency were on the rise in the year 2021, while some people made a profit from the business, some were defrauded by those who tend to play smart with their knowledge.

    Nigeria as a case study was rocked with different reports of fraudsters now known as Yahoo Boys defrauding people of their hard-earned money.

    Though some were apprehended by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), some have continued to glow in the bad business.

    However, there are growing concerns that fraudulent activities will continue in 2022 especially among the youths.

    These have got many people asking how to earn money in 2022 without indulging in any fraudulent activities.

    There are many ways you can earn cool cash in 2022 without defrauding people of their hard-earned money and we will be discussing the path you can take.

    Note: this paths are not a get rich quick scheme, it takes dedication, consistency and determination but it’s worth it.

    How to earn money in 2022 without indulging in fraud

    Learn a digital skill

    Take it or leave it, to be a great person in life, we have to learn every day and this logic will also apply to how things will go in 2022.

    Learning a digital skill in 2022 will ensure you earn well without defrauding anyone in your country or overseas.

    There are numerous skills available for you to learn in 2022 and I will be sharing insight on some I believe will always go a long way.


    Blogging has become a lucrative business and only those that are willing to learn will earn from the platform.

    Various websites offer tips on how to become a professional blogger and it’s advisable to visit such sites.

    Bloggers earn cool cash from writing content about relevant posts on the internet and this they do at the comfort of their home.

    Programming Language

    2020 showed the role technology play in the world with Covid-19 forcing a lot of organization to adopt the new trend.

    Programmers have become a hot cake in all industries and it’s a shot everyone should take in 2022.

    There are many areas you can look into when it comes to being a programmer, below are some areas you can look into:

    UI/UX Design
    Web Development (Frontend/Backend)
    Digital Marketing
    Graphics Design
    Content Creation
    Data Analysis
    Affiliate Marketing

    Undergo An Online Course

    There are many online courses you can take that will ensure your payslip increase at work.

    Numerous platforms are available for you to choose courses that will put you ahead of your colleagues in the same field.

    Platforms you can study online


    There are still lots of online sites you can explore to learn more about your career.

    Learn vocational skills

    Vocational skills are available for anyone who wants to improve in 2022 and earn big with defrauding people.

    There are various skills you can aquire through government-sponsored programs. Some foundations have also grown popular for sponsoring those interested in learning.

    Internet have also made things easy, these skills can be learnt on YouTube.

    Vocational skills you can learn in 2022

    Head works (Hats, Fascination, etc)
    Baking and pastries
    Fashion design
    Cosmetology (Soaps, detergents, perfume, etc )
    Video editing
    Paint production
    Shoe making
    Solar Panel Assembly
    Gele tying
    Bag Making
    Beads making

    Summary: How to earn money in 2022 without indulging in fraud

    Despite the challenges across the globe, there are various opportunities for everyone to explore and make it big without indulging in any fraudulent activities.

    Learning digital skills, vocational skills or undergoing courses are ways you can become that big boss you’ve always dream of and with determination, you’re good to go.


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