“I made my first million as a teenager” – #BBNaija Arin opens up


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Big Brother Naija season six housemate, Arin has disclosed how she started achieving huge milestone as a teenager including making her first million.

"I made my first million as a teenager" - #BBNaija Arin opens up

Housemates at the ongoing reality show are getting to know each other and Arin during a conversation with Boma shared details of her past.

According to Arin, she did not just travel around the world as a teenager, she also achieve some milestone which include paying for her own ticket.

Here’s the conversation that ensued:

Arin said: “The first time I ever paid for my own ticket, I was 16. I have big pride. If I wanna ask my mum for something, maybe I’ll not ask nicely.

“She’ll not give me because I’m not asking nicely. And I don’t wanna ask nicely cause I don’t want to be fake.”

Reacting to her claim, Boma said, “You are trying. You started making millions at 19, as a teenager.”

In response, Arin attributed her wealth to her interest in fashion, as she said, “fashion saved my life.”

When asked how many countries she has traveled to, Arin said, “In Europe, I’ve gone to Amsterdam, France, Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Scotland, and of course America.”

She continued, “I’ve lived in Canada. In America, I’ve been to New York, Manhattan, the Bronx, and others.”

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