Kanye West issues apology to Kim Kardashian, opens up on co-parenting (Video)


Controversial American singer and superstar Kanye west has tendered an apology to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in a video.

Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian in a recent interview

Kanye said he apologizes for any inconvenience or stress he might have caused her even in his frustrating moments, he said he never meant to put her through any of them.

Kanye went further to say that Kim Kardashian is the mother of his children and she is the last person he would want to go through any form of trouble or stress.

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He said because he needs her to be as calm and mentally stable as possible to raise his children rightly.

When asked if he had a voice in the co-parenting of his children Kanye responded saying yes, But that any voice he had in the parenting of his children he had to fight for.

Kanye cited the instances of the situation where he had to complain about the revealing outfits his daughter wore which he detested and complained about due to his faith.

Kanye concluded that as long as his children are raised properly he has no issue with Kim Kardashian and her entire family.

See the Video of Kanye’s Interview Below



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