“No shame”: Khosi reveals her dirty plan for Thabang, he reacts (Video)


BBTitans female housemate, Khosi has got fans talking on social media as she reveals her plan for male housemate, Thabang.

Khosi reveals her dirty plan for Thabang

Thabang relationship with Khosi has grown stronger ever since Yemi was evicted from the reality show and it seems the trend will continue.

Khosi during a conversation with Thabang on Tuesday night has now opened up on her plans for the male housemate.

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According to Khosi, she can’t wait to share the bed with Thabang, a move he agreed to.

Their conversation has sparked mixed reactions from fans as many insisted that Khosi has no shame.

Fonkuonfon wrote: What happened to self control. This girl no get shame. Kai

Sheilaokonkwo wrote: See defending oooo, see the way her fans dey defend her, even when the truth is their face,they will still defend and say is nothing, na yemi I blame oooo, hope he don learn he lesson, but her fans will say yemi played her first, it is well, yemi next time be yourself,flirt ur flirt in peace,as long as u no carry girlfriend or wife enter, bcos her fans are now claiming that she is not married to yemi, okooo

Fantastic1220 wrote: Come to think of it,Is Khosi the only housemates in the house,everyday Khosi Khosi,I understand cos she is the only housemates who brings engagements to this agbero cookers n bloggers

Promqywn wrote: Yes please!!!! I can’t wait for them to shake things up in that house. We need something to talk about out here, the show has been boring. Khobang my ship please fck that sht!!!! we don’t care if they shed hot tears😂

Bwrrbeh wrote: Love it for yemi, in his next life he won’t enter a ship 2 days in the house with someone that has boyfriend outside 😂😂😂

See video of both parties speaking below:

In related news, Popular Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has taken to social media to share some words of advise to fans who are currently living a wayward life.

Halima Abubakar has been in the news for the past few days over her past relationships.

The beautiful screen diva was said to have been hospitalized due to some strange illness, a move that has got fans talking on social media.

Halima Abubakar has now returned to the big stage with a warning to fans and supporters on her timeline.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Halima Abubakar urged fans to stop living a wayward life. According to her, it’s not a good thing being a side chick.

Halima Abubakar urged fans on her timeline to find a side hustle rather than dating another person’s husband.

She wrote on her page:

Leave a life you would be proud of🚪
Thank you all for all the prayers and encouragement,love .I am on a new part,to a new life,.strive to be new you and stay safe and morally right…

No do side chick o…see u soon👍
Find a side business and leave ppls husband.
Let’s do this🤲🏻


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