Latest on Ultimate Love: Mark your territory [Photos]

Latest on Ultimate Love:  Mark your territory

Latest on Ultimate Love: Mark your territory

As bonds continue to grew stronger some of the Love Guests made sure they protected their interests by marking their territory.

“In my head I’m already making my decision and my decision points to you.” If you’re going to proclaim your love, you better say it with your chest and that’s exactly what Iyke did! With the Love Guests yet to even reach a week in the Love Pad, they’ve already learnt quickly that the heart wants what the heart wants. It may be Aunty’s Speed Dates, the close proximity to one another or love just being love but one thing is for certain, some serious bonds have been built! So to help you stay up to date with who is falling for who, here are some of the blossoming couple’s you should look out for:

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Iyke and Theresa

Iyke has wasted no time in making his feelings loud and clear. The velvet voice 24 year old told his crush point blank that she’s all he thinks about and her hope is she feels the same. Theresa however is still playing her cards close to her chest and is yet to fully reciprocate his advances although her warm body language towards him might be a sign of good things to come.

Ultimate Love: Iyke And Theresa

Kachi and Nkechi

Although he’s keeping his options open, Kachi appeared to be deeply into the beautiful Nkechi. This morning he took time to get nice and cosy with his potential bae as they lay next to each other in the bed. However much like Theresa, Nkechi decide to not immediately show her hand and so while she didn’t rebut his advances, she still kept her cool and played it safe.

Ultimate Love Nigeria: Kachi And Nkechi

Rosie and David Wilson

Who said guys can’t be swept off their feet? There’s no denying that David Wilson is clearly taken by the ever so sweet Rosie.

Throughout the day he took any moment he could to spend quality time with her and gently try encourage her to pick him.

But with other suitors also after Ms Rosie’s affection, its proving a tough battle for both him and her as she’s yet to fully commit.

Can David do what needs to be done and charm his way safely into her heart? Time shall tell!

Latest on Ultimate Love:  Mark your territory: Rosie And David WIlson


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