Let’s talk more on smoothie

Let's talk more on smoothie

Another Amazing piece from Onumajuru Chiamaka on Smothie

Smoothie is a blended fruit/vegetable typically done using a blender. Sometimes milk, low-fat yoghurt or ice cream can be added to it but the main ingredient (the base) is fruit/ vegetable.

Smoothie can be made using just one type of fruit (for instance banana only) or a variety of fruit combinations (pineapple and banana smoothie)

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But it is not advisable to use a lot of different fruits, maximum of three different fruits also, other ingredients such as dairy product or added sweetener( honey, sugar, syrup etc) are not so necessary as fruits contain its own natural sugar

Quick steps on how to make your own smoothie

  1. A good blender is the most important equipment for making smoothies
  2. Add water or coconut milk or any dairy product etc as your liquid base, just a good amount to help you blend your fruit well
  3. Then add your well-rinsed fruit to the blender and blend everything together.
    Viola your smoothie is ready!

Note; people with health complications like elevated blood glucose level (diabetes) that requires a reduced amount of sugar or calories are advised to limit the number of fruits use and also avoid excess sweetened fruits like pineapple and banana. Fruits like watermelon can be used for your smoothie and water is the most preferred liquid base for your smoothie.

Author Onumajuru Chiamaka (Nutricommunity)


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