“The table shaker”: Nedu reveals lazy male BBNaija star who chases clout (Video)


Popular Nigerian media personality, Nedu has once again spark reactions on social media as he gives an hint on a male BBNaija star who chases clout on social media.

Nedu reveals lazy male BBNaija star

Big Brother Naija housemates have been trending on all social media platforms for the past 24 hours after Nedu opened up on their private life.

Speaking during a new podcast show, Nedu stated that he knows one male BBNaija star who is lazy to hustle for job.

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According to Nedu, the so called male reality star was losing his reputation on social media and decided to chase clout by staging a fight.

According to Nedu, the male BBNaija star contacted one of his friends and asked him to create a feud with him on social media.

Though Nedu didn’t gave a name, fans have insisted that his description fit Tuoyo.
Tuoyo featured at the season six edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

See video of Nedu speaking below:

In related news, Big Brother Naija season seven star, Doyin is currently trending on all social media platforms as she speaks about female participants of the reality show.

Doyin was featured in the latest podcast of popular media personality, Nedu, and their discussion has raised eyebrows.

Speaking during the podcast, Nedu called out female participants of the Big Brother Naija reality show, stating that they have nothing to offer.

According to Nedu, most of the female participants use the show to gain popularity for their personal business.

He noted that after the show, they become irrelevant in the entertainment industry because they lacked the talent needed in the first place.

Nedu’s comment has sparked mixed reactions from fans as many insisted he has no right to say such about female participants of the show.

Doyin’s response to Nedu’s claim has also caught fans attention, according to some fans, Doyin seems to have confirmed that some of her colleagues had nothing to offer.

Read some reactions from fans below: 

Olumide_oladeji wrote: Nedu made alot of sense. The truth we all pretend or shy away because of vague Standish.  Most BBN girls actually portrait that narrative.  Doyin by her response only confirmed it.

Itohan86 wrote: Doyin actually sat down to say that rubbish?🤡customer fit turn husband?🤦‍♀️🤡pls speak for yourself and your friends🙏🤗

Ijay_treate wrote: Doyin this your reply is not smart at all. You just helped in spoiling the names of the bbn females 🙄

Pekulayay wrote: Wow ….what a CLASSY reply from Doyin 😂😂😂….and before you come and ask me to go watch the full clip, why did she agree that customers turn to husbands🤌, who says such a thing?.. customers are customers my sister….truth be told , all the ladies entering bbñ, when asked what they do, some of them will start naming different things ,when they come out, those things are nowhere to be found, rather you will see them selling cloths that they did not even mention in the house 😂. Most of them wants to leave baby girl lifestyle 😂…so Doyin, are you saying why you , modella ,beauty and amaka mostly snap naked pictures is because you are looking for customers that’ will turn husband?😂😂and give you million of dollars?😂😂😂… WAHALLUR!!.

Funkyfuve wrote: Doyin u just confirmed what u do with ure gang members 🤮🤮beauty, modella n amaka tufia

Itohan94 wrote: Men like this irritate me! Ewww always talking about this sleeping with that but the men why can’t they retain semen! Every two business days nedu and his derogatory message towards women. Heal Nedu, heal ✌️✌️

Dearblackpole wrote: What about the men/boys on big brother.  What  do the boys have to offer? 🤔. BBN is not for girls only na.

Nillametz wrote: No body is saying u guys should not collect o but wen u collect own it no Dey lie for hardwork head doh it involved hardwork too o but make una try Dey specify the hardwork

Iam_maimuna wrote: This isn’t a podcast anymore. This guy has nothing to offer, This doesn’t make sense.

See video of Doyin speaking below:



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