Oxlade leaked video: Unilag students hail singer’s skills  (Video)


Talented singer and songwriter, Oxlade has got Nigerians especially Unilag students off their seats following his leaked video that surfaced on social media.

Oxlade leaked video: Unilag students react, hails singers bed skills  (Video)

It would be recalled that Koboinfo reported that Oxlade was caught in what might be his biggest scandal in the entertainment industry.

The award-winning singer’s s3x tape got leaked on the internet and this has got him trending for the past twelve hours.

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With Nigerians taking to social media to voice out their opinions, a video of some Unilag students reacting to the incident that has surfaced on social media.

Unilag students could be seen jubilating in the video as they hail Oxlade skills on the bed.

According to some fans, Oxlade has not disappointed the male gender with his performance as showcased in the video.

However, some Nigerians have insisted that such video should not be hailed as they ask why Tiwa Savage was crucified when her tape was leaked on social media.

itobiloba wrote: I wished people were this jubilant during Tiwa’s saga. Naija and double standards, society that encourages immoral behaviour among men but rebukes women guilty of same act. Tueh

ladyque_1 wrote: When it was Tiwa y’all dragged her. Nigerians and double standards

bridgetadelakun wrote: Can we just agree that it’s a man’s world 😂

Recall that Tiwa Savage tape was leaked on the internet some months ago and this got Nigerians talking on all social media platforms.

Watch Tiwa Savage tape here

Still on Oxlade, the talented singer has decided to disable his official Instagram account just hours after his video leaked on social media.

Oxlade who has been receiving criticism from some fans on social media over the act decided to put an embargo on the comment session on his Instagram account.

All eyes will be on Oxlade when he finally decides to open up on the incident and how things the video got leaked on social media.

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