“Breakfast na your mate”: Sources reveal why Chichi, Deji relationship crashed


Ex- Housemates of the Big Brother Naija Reality show Deji and Chichi’s relationship had hit the rocks and these revelations have stirred reactions.

The couple who started dating in the Big Brother house kept their relationship going after the conclusion of the show but they seemed to have parted ways recently.

Reasons why Deji and Chichi broke up revealed.

The reason for their break up has just been revealed and it’s shocking, Chichi wanted a fully committed relationship but Deji opted to continue as friends for now.

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This decision of Deji angered his companion Chichi and she broke off all alliance and connections out of heartbreak, she even unfollowed him on all social media platforms.

Even though both housemates have not come forward to comment on the issue we can be sure to hear from them soon.

Fans have reacted to this news in diverse ways while some said Deji doesn’t want to entrap himself, others said he was toying with her all along and never planned to commit to a relationship with her.

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