Smoothies or Soft Drinks

It’s funny how soft drinks (carbonated drinks) have become frequently consumed drinks even with fact that it contains no actual nutrient, just glucose, preservatives, artificial/natural additives and colorant.

Instead of taking in this carbonated drinks why not make home-made smoothies than your favorite and frequently consumed drinks.

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Smoothie is fully made up of fruits and vegetables which contains lots of nutrients that are essential, they contain a good amount of vitamins and mineral, this vitamins and minerals help to boost the immune system, help the body system function appropriately and also help the body stay fresh and healthy. They are also less expensive.

According to WHO 2014, carbonated drinks have been found to be associated with many cardiovascular (heart-related) disease and also diabetes, they are also said to contribute to enhance the level of obesity.

Some fruit juice also contains a small number of fruits but a lot of sugar and preservatives (in form of chemicals) and can have side effects. It is better to make your home-made fruit juice.

Consuming smoothie is also seen as a very good way to help increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Why not just go for a smoothie and stay healthy. Remember you are what you eat

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