“Status means sh!t”: Heartbroken Toke Makinwa pens emotional word


Nigerian fashion and brand influencer Toke Makinwa has penned emotional words on he page which indicates her sadness and heartbroken state.

Toke Makinwa

The Tv personality didn’t specify the reasons for her state of mind but wrote down word that were emotional, Toke seem to be in deep sorrow.

Fans of the celebrity will be worried by this post from her as she didn’t specify if the issue is with her or someone close to her.

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Friends and family of the celebrity will do well to check on her well being to avert any tragic occurrence. Toke who is known for her outspoken and strong personality has shown another side of her which is emotional and tender.

She said in her post that ” status means Sh*t” indicating that it would take something out of the ordinary to console her and bring her out of this state.

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See Toke Makinwa’s post below

Watching the people you know go through such darkness and knowing you can’t help them.

Words aren’t enough, Money won’t fix it, Status means shit,

Your shoulder can’t carry it,

Your shoulder can’t carry it.G

Prayers seem like just words,

Praise but you can’t find the words,

Tears even seem foolish.

And all there is….

Just silence.

God pls.

Toke Makinwa post


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