“Biggest moment of my life”: Toyin Abraham reacts as grown-up fan weeps profusely when they met (Video)


Award-winning Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham was left in a speechless state by a fan who wept profusely when she met the actress in person.

Toyin Abraham reacts as grown-up fan weeps profusely

Toyin Lawani has been in the news for the past few weeks following the release of her much anticipated movie, Ijakumo.

The movie has been well received by fans as they’ve been storming Cinema to get a glimpse of the project.

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However, things took a new twist some hours ago when a fan wept profusely. The fan was happy to see Toyin Abraham whom she tagged a role model.

In the video shared by Toyin Abraham, the actress could also be spotted crying as she couldn’t hold herself.

Sharing the memorable moment on her timeline, Toyin Abraham stated that it’s one of the biggest moments of her life.

Toyin Abraham wrote:

This is one of the biggest moment in my life as an actress😭😭😭Today I realized how I impact youths and I promise to always be a good role model to you all🙏🙏🙏 @adeolaawokoya I love you so much and welcome to my world🤜🤜.

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“It’s pointless “: Singer Joeboy reveals why it’s pointless to ask for body count

Talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Joeboy has revealed why it’s pointless to ask for body count from your lover, a statement that has sparked reactions.

Joeboy has become relevant for sharing his thoughts on relevant issues and it looks like a trend that’ll continue.

The singer via a post on his official Twitter account stated that asking for the body count of your partner is pointless.

According to Joeboy, you can’t tell if he or she is saying the truth.

Joeboy wrote:
Asking for body count is pointless,if dem tell you sey na 3,how you go no sey no be 3 fr,Dey play.

The singer’s statement has sparked reactions from fans as many insisted he’s saying nothing but the truth.

Fredycy wrote: Nowadays dem no Dey directly ask that question but if you hear, tell me about the people that you’ve dated so that I will know how to act better. Just know say na body count dem Dey find. If you love somebody forget body count.

Jdee69 wrote: Honestly, I find it weird asking such question…..like seriously what do you need that information for?

Nneyewrite wrote: Just listen attentively. You’ll come to learn of their several relationships.

Hayurr wrote: Before I even knew the meaning of body counts was last 2 years, I thought it was how many pacs you have in your belly😂.



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