“No talking stage”: Question asked as Wedding reportedly called off due to genotype


Social media platforms is currently buzzing as a wedding has reportedly been called off due to incompatible genotype of the couples.

In a new post that has sparked mixed reactions on social media, the couple were set to walk down the aisle in February 2023.

Wedding reportedly called off due to genotype

However, things took a new turn when they discovered that they are both AS.

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Nigerians have shared their reaction on the developer as many asked if the couple were not in a talking stage before deciding to get married.

Mhenaar wrote: When they would be asking for best color in talking stage.

Veevogee wrote: As you’re doing genotype, blood & other medical tests also ensure you do “spiritual background” checks.
Marriage bonds spouses both physically & spiritually..

Suggesting wrote: Best decision ever…. Even tho they should have checked it earlier but it’s never too late to do the right thing. Before you cause your future kids pain

Posh360 wrote: Knowing your genotype, How is this not among the things you talk about on the first date …. especially since you know you are As

I.tobiloba wrote: These are the questions you should ask before dating during the talking stage. Knowing one’s hemoglobin genotype before choosing a life partner is important because compatibility issues can have devastating consequences when it comes to conception.

Ihenanmacy wrote: Was there no courtship??what did you people discuss during your courting? Why wait till this point to check genotype 😢😢😢😢


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