Why I haven’t undergone butt surgery – Reality star, Uriel Oputa opens up


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Popular reality star and brand influencer, Uriel Oputa has opened up on why she has not undergone surgery to enhance her backside like her colleagues in the industry.

Why I haven't undergone butt surgery - Reality star, Uriel Oputa opens up

Some celebrities in the entertainment industry have become guilty of undergoing surgery to enhance their body and this looks like a trend that will continue.

However, some celebrities have maintained their natural body, a category Uriel Oputa fall in.

Reason why Uriel has decided not to have any surgery have not been clear to fans and followers on her timeline but she addressed this issue during an Instagram question and answer segment with fans.

Asked why she has not undergone any surgery, Uriel Oputa noted that she’s scared.

According to the popular brand influencer, she has money for the surgery but doesn’t have the courage.

Read her post below:

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