Woman ordered to pay $200k for ruining her ex-boyfriend’s reputation on Instagram after their relationship ended

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A Canadian woman has been ordered to pay $200,000 to her ex-boyfriend after she ruined his reputation on social media sites including Instagram.

Global News Canada reports Brandon Rook presented the case against his ex-girlfriend, Noelle Halcrow after she consistently attacked him online after their on-and-off relationship ended in August 2016. 

Halcrow reportedly created multiple posts for a year about Rook being a drunk, cheater, and having various STDs. She also sent threatening text messages to Rook about the social media posts and said she will create new ones if he asked her to take them down

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During the hearing, Halcrow denied she was the one who created the fake profile and made the posts about her ex-boyfriend. But Justice Elliot Myers rejected Halcrow’s claim and said there was too much evidence against Halcrow due to the IP address matching where the various social media accounts were created and typed in a writing style that was similar to hers.

In his judgment, Justice Elliot Myers awarded $175,000 to Rook for damages and an additional $25,000 in aggravated damages. He also received $38,000 for the money he spent on reputation consultants to remove the posts off of social media.

Although, the case which was closed in September 2019,  was made public last week, according to The Hollywood Unlocked


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