“A better World”: YouTuber funds surgery for 1,000 blind patients (Video)


Talk about using your platform for good, popular YouTube creator, Jimmy Donaldson known as Mr Beast has fund the surgery of 1,000 blind people from across the globe.

YouTuber funds surgery for 1,000 blind patients

MrBeast has one of YouTube’s most subscribed to channels and has ensured that he gives back to the world.

His platform is all about shock value and giving back. He recently just paid for 1,000 people to have blindness correcting surgery.

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Many of these people were just seeing for the first time and others had lost their sight overtime.

Not only did he help cure people within the US of their blindness, but he also took the mission to Jamaica, Indonesia, Honduras, Brazil, Vietnam and Kenya.

Video from his philanthropist act has storm the internet and people have showered praises on him.

Neaveaiscar wrote: This is amazing but let’s Remember the point that no one should have to do this, if blindness is curable why is it so hard for people to access the cure. This should be available to anyone who needs it

Sincerelyji wrote: He real live makes millions from helping people and gives it back to them 🔥

Siruti wrote: This is absolutely amazing and beautiful!!! Gof be praised ❤️🙌❤️🙌

Chefgbelay wrote: That the positivity I like to see on social media! What a blessing 🙌🏾❤️ that’s awesome!

Victoria..diamond wrote: This almost made me cry. I love when folks get rich and help folks who really need it !

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Watch video below:



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